My Internship in London, England

In the summer of 2018 I traveled to London, England to work an internship with a web marketing company, Lead Generators Digital. While I was there, I created a variety of information graphics for different clients - including an airport transfer company, a villa rental agency, and a haulage organization. Each graphic started with given copy and an idea. From there I developed sketches and 

roughs for the entire graphic. Then I went to the computer and created digital files which included custom icons and hand drawn illustrations. I also created a few web banners and presentation collateral. Overall, my experience was truly amazing - both for my professional development, and my personal journey to find joy in life and design.

Vloging living in london

While I was living in London, I had evenings and weekends to explore the city (and country)! I decided to challenge myself and make a video diary of the entire 10 week experience. I had never attempted to do anything like this before and the filming was really fun! It was an interesting way to experience the world - always looking for a unique angle or the most

interesting spot to film from. The editing was an additionally challenge, as I did not have a lot of experience, but I loved the opportunity to teach myself new programs and techniques. Check out the one below and if you like it, find me on YouTube!